Women in Between Indian Women in fur Trade Society in Western Canada Theoretical Perspective

One may wonder what women in between Indian women in fur trade society in western Canada theoretical perspective entails. Before an individual studies this issue, it is important to understand what role women play in the Indian society. India is a country that many people believe women are less valued as compared to their male counterparts. Many people see girl child as a liability that the family is forced to caster for. 
The situation becomes even worse when a family has more boys than girls. Those who believe that all children are equal regardless of their sex are quite mistaken. Those who believe that children are gifts are equally mistaken especially when it comes to the Indian culture. Whether a girl is a blessing in an Indian family or a curse is a debatable issue. 
Whether girls are equal to boys in matters especially those pertaining to economic activities is even controversial issue that the Indian culture is yet to let it go. In order to reap benefits from the Indian women, the fur trade was introduced. Introduction of fur trade among Indian women is perhaps a way of compensating parents who lost quite a substantive amount of wealth to marry off their daughters. 
In order to understand the theory that links Indian culture and fur trade, many scholars have studied the role of women and compared it with those of women in western Canada where fur trade thrives. The findings of such studies and well-researched essays on fur trade among Indian society in comparison to western Canadian women can be bought in rosiswahyudi.blogspot.com