Writing an essay is an intimidating task for many students. Most students cannot even come up with a suitable essay topic, leave alone write a complete essay. These are the students who always go to essay writing companies to obtain essay help whenever they have to write an academic essay. I wonder why a student would find it challenging writing an academic essay because normally academic essays are manageable. In fact, I am often left to wonder what will happen to these students when the time to do a research paper comes.

I say this because essay writing is easier than research. For one, research requires that a student lists a number of research paper topics. The listing of research paper topics is usually a rigorous process given that there is a very wide scope of research paper topics which can be addressed at a go and this therefore demands that a student exercise great care when eliminating possible research paper topics.

This challenge is intensified by the fact that there are some research paper topics that could appear suitable and manageable at the outset but render the student unable to continue halfway through the work. When deciding on a variety of research paper topics, one key question that a student needs to ask him/herself is: how broad or narrow is the scope of the topics?

Students should select research paper topics whose scope is as narrow as possible so as to facilitate exhaustive coverage. Many students have opted for research paper topics whose scope is so broad that they have ended up consuming a lot of resources yet scored miserable points on the same.