Why is Vimy Ridge so important to Canada?

It takes a lot for foes to become friends. History has it that before the greatest economies became allies, at some time they had to go for battle. The world wars brought forth very strong ties between the rival countries after they counted mega loses that only reduced or halted their pace of development. The war that the Canadians fought at Vimy Ridge almost brought an end to the First World War. This is the only single war that the Canadians took to and with help from the US; they managed to bring their enemies, the Germans down.

Many brave young men lost their lives in this war and it is the reason it remains one of the most celebrated and respected events in the history of Canada. Scholars have come out to study what exactly transpired before during and after the battle. The battle at Vimy ridge showcased Canada’s forces and the strategy that they employed that saw the enemies taken down. It is the moment when Canadians showed the world that they are indeed an independent country. It showed the faith and determination of the Canadians. These are just among the reasons for the significance of the battle.

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